Change OID port in OID11g from Em console

It is possible to change the OID ports from the Enterprise manager console. Unfortunately, after changing the ports, EM will not be able to change server properties like ports (!).

After changing the ports, an OPMN command must be run to update EM with the right settings:

$ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin/opmnctl updatecomponentregistration -componentType OID -componentName oid1 -adminHost myoidhostname -adminPort 7001 -adminUsername weblogic -Port 3060 -Sport 3131

(change parameters as suited and restart OPMN)

If you are using DIP (Directory Integration Platform) as well, you will have to change the (SSL) port accordingly in …../config/fmwconfig/servers/wls_ods1/applications/DIP_11.


Debugging Oracle OID/AD java plugin (oidexplg) for OID 10g

It took some time for me to find out how to debug the Oracle Internet Directory plug-in for Active Directory (oidexplg). Finally found this:

To debug operations for oidexplg.jar, use the following ldif file:

dn: cn=oid1,cn=osdldapd,cn=subconfigsubentry
changetype: modify
replace: orcldebugflag
orcldebugflag: 402653185

dn: cn=oid1,cn=osdldapd,cn=subconfigsubentry
changetype: modify
replace: orcldebugop

#———–end of debugon.ldif———–
and use ldapmodify –f <this file> to set the debug flags.

Note: your instance name may differ from the one used here (oid1)

orcldebugflag value =
1 Signature (Heavy Trace Debugging in 10.1.X) +
134217728 (PlugIn Internal) + 268435456 (PlugIn External)

orcldebugop value =
1 (ldapbind) + 64 (ldapcompare)

Debug info is in file(s) oidldapd01s*.log

For less intensive logging use 64 in stead of 65 (a lot of binds are logged)

Actually, the same values go for OID 11g!